KPS DCM Series, the Current Clamps Made in Europe

The DCM series clamp meters are among the very few instruments of this type still physically made in Europe, to be precise in Spain, by KPS.


With a modern design, these current clamps are available in three variants intended for professionals in the installation and maintenance of electrical systems and which allow measuring maximum currents up to 1000 A.


These are digital instruments with true RMS measurement capabilities, automatic range selection (auto range) and are classified with CAT IV safety certification.


The clamps, in addition to the AC current, also perform AC and DC voltage measurements, resistance measurements, continuity tests, and diode tests. In some models, there is also a function for measuring temperature, capacity, and frequency.


The body of the instrument also integrates a torch to illuminate the work area and the sensor to detect without contact the presence of alternating voltages higher than 110 V.


All instruments are supplied with a calibration certificate.