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EAN Code: 8435394778488

Thermal Camera 120x90

Thercam120 is an affordable temperature measuring tool widely used for building diagnostics, HVAC inspections, electrical system inspections and more. It perfectly overcomes the shortcomings of the single spot infrared thermometers and helps work smarter, safer and faster. Equipped with 120x90 WLP IR modules, Thercam120 can display radiometric data of 10,800 pixels instantly which helps quickly detect large areas and pinpoint fault spots accurately.

Detector type VOx/7.5~14μm
IR Resolution 120X90
Thermal Sensitivity / NETD 60mK
Field of view(FOV) 50°× 38°
Spatial Resolution(IFOV) 7.6mrad
Frame Rate 25Hz/9Hz
Focus N/A
Display TFT display
Screen size 2,4"
Image Model IR image
Color Palettes 6
Temperature Range -10ºC-150ºC; 100ºC-400ºC; Autorange
Accuracy 2%
Measurement Spot Center, max, min
Measurement Area 3 (incl. max & min temp)
Alarm Max & Min
Auto Hot & Cold Spot Tracking Yes
Storage Media TF Standard (16Gb)
Laser Yes
Tripod interface Yes
PC IR Analysis Software Yes
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-ion
Battery Operating Time >8 hours
Charging Time ≤2.5 hours
Operating Temperature -10ºC~50ºC
Protection class IP54
Drop test 2-meter drop test
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